Veronica C. Machado

Creator of the Portal Arquitetura em Rede, responsible for the general direction of the project and research coordination of document funds with institutions in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Veronica holds a Master’s degree and Major in History (UERJ) and is a specialist in History of Architecture and Urbanism.

She has worked as a Historian for Material Heritage restoration projects for ten years.

Fátima Magalhães 

Responsible for managing the Portal  Arquitetura em Rede.

Producer, project manager, fundraiser and accountant for the cultural area. She has Projects approved for ISS and Olympic Promotion 2015/2016; Executive producer of the Mapping and Studies phase at the LAB Rio Criativo Project along with the State Secretary of Culture - 2016.

Gustavo Monteiro 

Responsible for the creation and development of the website.

Designer and Web Designer, he also holds a degree in Social Sciences from PUC RJ. This led him to work on projects increasingly related to themes of knowledge, culture, learning and society. Recently joined the doctorate at UERJ focusing on discussions about science, art, communication and knowledge.

Denise Pinheiro 

Responsible for the coordination of the translation into English of all content of the Portal Arquitetura em Rede.

English teacher for 25 years, Cambridge examiner and certified by Cambridge. She also holds the CELTA and NILE UK certificates with the Advanced Language and Cultural Awareness course.

Isabel Miranda

Collaborator in research and survey of document funds with institutions in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Historian from PUC / Rio and holds a postgraduate degree in Management and Cultural Production (FGV Rio). She worked as a researcher and project developer in several institutions such as the Latin American Center for Sexuality and Human Rights (UERJ), and the State Council for Women's Rights.