Arquitetura em Rede is a fund guide where you will find in which collection the architecture, urbanism and landscape design of your search is kept.

The Memory of the World Program of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), 2014, NP), says that "a large part of the world's memory is found in libraries, archives, museums, and in custody sites", in which a significant portion is at risk in the face of continuous dispersions due to 'war damage', deliberate accidental displacement of archival collections and collections or other historical circumstances.

In view of the contexts that hinder the preservation of memory records, it is also necessary to think about the creation, guarding, preservation and dissemination of these collections, relating them to the appropriations and power relations inherent to the construction process of the documents / monuments and patrimonialization.

In this sense, the Arquitetura em Rede website is a channel for the dissemination of iconographic collections on the architectural history of Rio de Janeiro whose purpose is to present the document as a cultural heritage. The document is not presented only as a primary source for researchers, but as a cultural heritage of the state.

In this perspective, our proposal is to encourage the knowledge and use of this documentary treasure that we have in public and private archives, as well as to develop a continuous work of reframing these documents through digital curatorship with the general public.

When we present the site as a channel, we are thinking much more than just being a document indexer, we are proposing a place, a meeting point for research relationship, researchers, production and exchange of knowledge. In addition to encouraging the realization of new projects in the area of cultural heritage.