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Heritage Education with 600 public school teachers and students (including university students).

The meetings on heritage education with teachers will have a Libras interpreter.

The website will follow the accessibility guidelines and recommendations to ensure easy access for anyone, regardless of physical conditions, technical means or devices used. The system will be based on the international web standards defined by the W3C. Last but not least, the specifications for web applications (Web Rica) will be followed, which seeks to solve many of the problems of the behavior layer (DOM), part of which has already been implemented by some browsers.

Democratization of access

Completely free access

Art. 21. In addition, the proposer must provide for the adoption of at least one of the following measures to expand access:


III - make audiovisual records of shows, exhibitions, teaching activities and other face-to-face events available on the Internet, without prejudice to the provisions of § 2 of art. 22.