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Easy access to the location of architectural plans

Arquitetura em Rede is an incredible online tool for locating architectural, urban and landscape plans in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

Our purpose is to make life easier for professionals who need agile access to architectural plans in their day-to-day work, such as architects, engineers, condominium managers, real estate agents, among other professionals and interested people. For this purpose, our team is conducting research on the funds of architectural plans, today scattered around different collections and files.Then, we propose the organization of this material and the availability of the organized information on the site.

The website will be public, bilingual (Portuguese / English), easy-to-access, aiming at promoting research and dissemination of useful information on the location of these plans.

The Arquitetura em Rede project received PRONAC 201764 (April 2020), approved in the Federal Law of Incentive to Culture - Law 8313/91. This way,  companies taxed on real profits can obtain a tax benefit of 100% of the sponsored amount, by directing 4% of the income tax due or 6% of individuals.


What is the Portal Arquitetura em Rede?

The Arquitetura em Rede website is a bilingual online space (Portuguese / English) to promote research and disseminate information on Architecture, Urbanism and Landscaping in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Its proposal is to give visibility to the architectural projects and plans kept in the public and private archives of the state.

Although the architectural plan is a cataloged document, usually in the cartography sector, in some archives, we also find them in the iconography sector. Thus, we chose to call them iconographic documents.

Main facade of a warehouse on the quay of the port of Rio de Janeiro, 1908, Architect Heitor de Melo. Docks Fund of Rio de Janeiro. Collection: National Archive.

Arquitetura em Rede is a long-term proposal, with an initial estimate for research and survey activities where architecture, urbanism and landscaping plans are kept in the state of Rio de Janeiro.


Alongside the identification of archives and collections, all content will be translated into English and we will design, as a team, the website where researchers and others, interested in the content will be able to find the places where architecture and urbanism projects will be kept through an information indexer.


In the near future, our goal is to be able to include collections from other Brazilian states, however, we understand that the best way to carry out any project is to present a viable project model with the delivery of materialized results on a website with relevant content for people.

The project came up from a market demand.

The experience and knowledge of the documentary funds of architecture and urbanism existing in public and private archives in Rio de Janeiro led Veronica Machado to participate in the Architecture in Archives round table: “documents of material heritage”, held in 2016 at the National Archives by the Cartography department.

During her presentation she presented the proposal to build a digital collection of identification of architecture documentation in Rio de Janeiro.


The project was supported by the National Archives, which has been a valuable partner in encouraging research on funds and helping to build the Arquitetura em Rede website.

In 2019, we resumed contact with the National Archives in order to obtain institutional support for the development of the research and the website. The National Archives developed the DIBRARQ - Brazilian Directory of Archives whose objective is to be a platform for information about the existing documentation in the Brazilian archives. Thus, the support we received from the National Archives was the invitation to integrate the Arquitetura em Rede website to DIBRARQ, however Imágico will maintain management autonomy and direction of the website.


 History and Memory  

Funding suggestions by subject and historical period.

Time Layers

By gathering information about architectural plans – today, spread out in different collections and archives - we propose an organization of this material in layers of time - a concept developed by historian Veronica C. Machado -, respecting the documentary production of each historical period in the state of Rio of January. Through an exquisite work of identification, survey and analysis of the existing iconography in each collection of the state, our team will propose the creation of time frames in order to facilitate the identification of architectural and urban plans.

The proposal is to give visibility to architecture, urbanism and landscaping projects and plans kept in the public and private archives of the state as well as collections of architectural and engineering offices. Although the architectural plan is a document usually cataloged in the cartography sector, in some archives, we also find them in the iconography sector. Thus, we chose to call them iconographic documents.


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